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Xuanwu Hospital Capital Medical University, founded in 1958, is a so neuropathy science, geriatrics clinical and study characteristics, bear the medical treatment, teaching, research, prevention, care and rehabilitation tasks three A-level general hospitals in a large-scale, is a new China neurology of the start-up bases.
The Court is to nurture the cradle of China’s neurology doctors, commissioned by the Ministry of Health, the contractor national institute of neurological surgery / neurology / neuroradiology doctor refresher course. National micro-neurosurgery, neurological interventional radiology and neurological pathology training base is also located here.

Xuanwu Hospital Beijing

Xuanwu Hospital Beijing

Xuanwu Hospital Capital Medical University Night Scene

Xuanwu Hospital Capital Medical University Night Scene

Xuanwu Hospital Capital Medical University

Xuanwu Hospital Capital Medical University

In 1998, the Court established the first Sino-US cooperation in China, Beijing Institute for functional neurosurgery. Subsequently, the Beijing Municipal Health Bureau and the Capital University of Medical approval, has set up the Beijing Municipal Center for Cerebrovascular Disease, cerebrovascular disease Capital University of Medical Sciences, Capital Medical University, Institute of Neurology, Capital Medical University, Institute of Vascular Surgery, Capital Medical University, Lung Clinic Center and the Beijing neurological disease medical center.
The close integration of clinical and basic research in the medical research entities, mainly including neurology, neurosurgery, functional neurosurgery, neurological interventional radiology, neuro-electrophysiology, nerve pathology, nerve pharmacology, neuro-rehabilitation, gene and cell diagnosis and treatment, medical imaging, social medicine, emergency medicine and other disciplines, constitute a comprehensive strength in China as the leading group of Neurology, Xuanwu Hospital. In addition, the Court in general surgery, cardiovascular internal / surgery, hematology, medical imaging and combination therapy also has the features and capabilities.
With the intensification of China’s aging population, the elderly group of health care issues become increasingly prominent. Therefore, the Beijing Municipal People’s Government in January 1985 approved by the State Planning Commission investment in the expansion and the establishment of a Beijing hospital geriatric health care research center. After 20 years of construction, the hospital all relevant sections of clinical treatment in the age-related diseases and research and teaching has made certain achievements. At present the professional group of geriatric subjects compared with healthy people echelon more reasonable, the center has become China’s conduct of clinical geriatrics clinic with an important base for scientific research and foreign exchange windows.
In March 2001, the Beijing Municipal Health Bureau, Beijing Xuanwu Hospital, aged care and the establishment of Centers for Disease Control, while Beijing’s old health care system to start from the center to assist the Government to assume that the system management tasks. In the center of the co-ordination and guidance, the city’s districts and counties are currently set up geriatric specialist hospitals, and the formation of radiation community networks, community elderly population health services and health missionary activities are up more standardized manner.
Hospital beds in 1000 to open the Japanese outpatients 5,000 passengers. 2,000 employees, including 287 senior professional and technical personnel, 32 prominent academic experts of the “outstanding contribution to expert” title and enjoy special government allowances.
Court disciplines set is complete, a total of 34 Chinese and Western medicine clinical departments, 14 medical departments, including the elderly neurology, Chinese and Western medicine with old neurology, minimally invasive neurosurgery, neurological pathology, general surgery, hematology and medical imaging for Beijing City key disciplines. There is also five Research Institute, a high-tech laboratories, nine basic laboratories, four and eight clinical laboratory technology platform. Have a PET (positron emission tomography scanner), magnetic resonance instrument, 64-slice spiral CT, SPECT, dual C-arm digital subtraction angiography, color Doppler and automatic biochemical analyzer and other high precision diagnostic equipment.
Medical University hospital in the capital of the First Clinical Medical College, Capital Medical University College of Nursing, School of Biomedical Engineering, is also located here, bear the college students, undergraduate, master’s degree graduate students, doctoral candidates and post-doctoral training mission.
Hospitals with the World Health Organization, United Nations Population Fund and other international organizations as well as the United States, Japan, Italy, France, Australia, Canada, the Netherlands, Sweden and other countries, more than 10 medical research institutions had extensive exchanges and cooperation.

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