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Capital Medical University Beijing Chinese Medicine Hospital was founded in 1956, is the only one of Beijing municipal comprehensive, modern three A-level Chinese Medicine Hospital. Bear the Beijing Chinese medical treatment, teaching, research, prevention and other tasks. The hospital consists of Beijing Institute of Chinese Medicine, Beijing International Acupuncture Training Center.

Hospital covers an area of 2 thousand square meters, total construction area of 5 thousand square meters, the creation of 583 hospital beds, average daily patient load of about 5,000 passengers. The hospital has more than 1,200 active employees, including professors, researchers, deputy chief physician of 159 state-level name of the old Chinese medicine 21 people, two city-level famous and old herbalist, Chinese doctors Prize winner, Beijing famous doctors such as the new 3, 20 located in the prominent academic experts, to enjoy special government allowances.

With skin disease research center, digestive center, oncology medical center, in the disease before treatment center, acupuncture, etc. 26 clinical departments and the various types of hepatitis, rheumatism, psoriasis, lupus erythematosus, eczema, sore, surrounded by disease , breast disease, breast cancer, lung cancer, Sjogren’s syndrome, osteoporosis, infertility and so on more than 70 Chinese medicine experts to Taiwan, in various types of hepatitis, rheumatism, ulcer disease, kidney disease, cerebrovascular disease, psoriasis, lupus erythematosus, eczema, the treatment of peripheral vascular disease, etc., in the domestic leading level and the reputation ranking.

Pharmacies standing nearly 600 kinds of Chinese Herbal Pieces, central preparation room by the late famous old Chinese medicine and a large number of scientific experts, prescription, traditional remedy, and scientific research has developed over 260 kinds medicines, pills, powders, pastes, Denmark, gauze, tincture , oil, nearly 20 kinds of dosage forms, of which 106 species have entered the scope of Medicare reimbursement.

Hospitals have clinical laboratory, physical diagnosis, radiology, pathology Section, Department of Nuclear Medicine and other medical departments, with CT, ECT, DSA vascular machines, large-scale fully automated analyzer, color Doppler ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus and other modern medical equipment .

In recent years, the hospital pay close attention to the building and curriculum development specialist, active in creating the name of Hospitals, Kin-ming Branch, a tree famous doctor activities, and achieved remarkable results. The existing six national key specialty of Traditional Chinese Medicine, two national key disciplines of Traditional Chinese Medicine; five key specialty of Beijing, 5 key disciplines of Chinese medicine, Beijing; 4 Beijing Chinese characteristics and treatment center units; emergency Division of the National Traditional Chinese Medicine Chinese medicine, Chinese and Western medicine with the clinical construction of a base emergency room. There gynecology, pediatrics, respiratory and other three-class specialty hospital, forming a national, municipal, hospital-level specialist tiered progressive, rolling a good pattern of development. In addition, our hospital is the first batch of the State of Traditional Chinese Medicine 13, “Treating disease” preventive health services, one of the pilot units is the only one in Beijing.

Medical University hospital in the capital of clinical Medicine, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine Teaching Hospital, Beijing Traditional Chinese Medicine resident standardized training base, commitment to the college students, undergraduates, graduate students and doctoral training task. Our hospital with science and technology as guide, through scientific and technological innovation and further promote the specialist construction and personnel. Since 1978, with a total of more than 175 items of scientific research achievement awards, including provincial and ministerial level scientific research for more than 73 awards.

Under the joint efforts of the entire staff, the hospital continued to make encouraging results the two civilizations. For many years was named “Capital Spiritual Civilization Unit”, has been awarded the “National Health System advanced group”, “National Model Chinese Medicine Hospital,” national “Pokka Hospital”, “Beijing’s commodity prices, measurement, quality, trust units” and so on . In 2006 as “Class A Beijing health insurance designated hospitals, the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games hospitals and the Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games designated hospitals. Beijing in 2007 was approved as Class A Medicare hospital cost-free trial. In Chinese healthy section a portal 39 Health Network’s “2007 China Health Year sohyo List” of activities, our hospital has been rated as the most popular of the top three hospitals.

Address:beijing traditional chinese medicine hospital, Dongcheng District, Beijing, China Art Gallery Backstreet 23
Code: 100010
TEL: 86-010-52,176,677

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  1. Catherine

    Dear Sir/ Madam,

    Would you be so kind to let me know name of a contact person, e-mail address or fax number of the Digestive Centre of the Beijing traditional chinese medicine hospital. We’d like to come there for medical treatment.

    Thank you very much for your cooperation.

    Best regards,

  2. Nistor Alina

    Dear Sir,
    My name is Alina Maria Nistor and I am writing in the name of my father, Nistor Dumitru.
    He is 72 years old and he has colorectal cancer (on the hepatic angle) with multiple metastasis on liver and bones. He is very week and we do not agree to make a classical surgery.
    I know that in Beijing it is possible to extirpate the tumor in a unconventional and different way, not with a classical surgery and chemotherapy.
    Is it possible to have this kind of treatment in your hospital? If not, can you recommend us another hospital ?
    Thank you in advance for your prompt reply,
    Alina Nistor

  3. Joy

    I was in your hospital fopr a foot masage and diagnosis with a tourist group. The doctor diagnosed lack of yin at the bladder and gave me small dark pills to take 20 of each time- twice a week. I have developed an itchy scalp which I have never had before. Is it because of this medicine? Could it be an alergic reaction?

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