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Capital Medical University Beijing Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital (Beijing Obstetrics Gynecology Hospital)was founded in June 1959, its predecessor, it is directly under the central Ministry of Health Beijing Hospital maternal and child health experiment. After 50 years of construction and development and now has developed into a set of medical, health care, teaching, scientific research as a whole, to diagnosis and treatment of Obstetrics and Gynecology common and frequently-occurring disease, and difficult cases focus on well-known of the three A-level Articles specialist hospitals. Well-known experts in Lin Qiaozhi is the first Dean of Obstetrics and Gynecology. 1984, the World Health Organization (WHO) approved as a Collaborating Center for Perinatal Care Research and Training in 1999, renamed the WHO maternal and child and women’s health research and training center in 1992 became the first Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative in line with international standards, one of , 1994 was approved as a Capital University of Medical Capital Medical University Beijing Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital, Obstetrics and Gynecology has established a master’s degree the same year postgraduate training points, in 2002 became the capital of Obstetrics and Gynecology Medical University doctoral training points, in 2005 the first batch through technology access the establishment of genetic diagnosis Research Center, Beijing, prenatal diagnostic centers. 16 received the honorary title of capital of civilized unit.
In 2002 the Beijing Municipal Government investment in the expansion of new homes, a hospital for the sustainable development of the twenty-first century, a new milestone. Now a hospital two sites: New homes for East Branch, located in Yaojia Yuan Road, Chaoyang District, No. 251, to obstetrics, neonatal, Gynecology and Reproductive Medicine-based. Homes for the West Branch, located in the center, Dongcheng District, riding a river on the 17th floor in order to minimally invasive gynecological gynecological oncology centers and the main thing in both houses with family planning section, traditional Chinese medicine section.
Hospital professional disciplines complete treatment is complete, strong technical force, advanced medical equipment, part of the professional disciplines in a leading position in the domestic strength. Clinical departments with obstetrics, gynecology, neonatal, family planning section, gynecological oncology, minimally invasive gynecological centers, reproductive medicine, Chinese medicine subjects, genetic diagnostic centers, anesthesiology, Endocrinology, internal medicine, male subjects, female urology clinic, oral out-patient, emergency room, nutrition, outpatient, sub-health clinics, special needs clinic. Provision of scientific research and diagnosis of the sections include: ultrasound, radiology, clinical laboratory, pathology Section, Department of Pharmacy, Medical Records Branch.
Hospitals with a total construction area of 67,484 square meters, set up beds, 660;-year door, the amount of more than 80 million emergency room and hospital visits 25000, 13813 babies born in 2008, ranking the city No. 1. Being built 50 years ago, nearly 29 million babies born here.
After 50 years of construction and development of the Beijing Maternity Hospital has created a well-trained, skilled, professional and complete the backbone of the medical team, has a group of prestigious domestic and international experts in Obstetrics and Gynecology. Hospital-wide active employees 1155 people, professional and technical personnel 1062 people, senior professional titles account for 38.51% of professional and technical personnel. There are 35 Ph.D., master 157 doctoral, Master’s tutor 26, positive, an associate professor of 31 people. Enjoy special government allowances of experts 12.
Fruitful scientific research for 50 years to get the national, ministerial level, municipal and other scientific and technological achievements awards 122. Nearly a decade has completed 54 research projects, the ongoing National Natural Science Foundation, 15 research topics, ministerial-level issues, the Urban Wide Fund for Nature, science and technology funding issues Star 116. Papers published at home and abroad more than 2,000 articles. In the Chinese Medical Association specialty branch, Beijing Branch served as chairman of the 14 passengers, vice chairman of the 15 passengers, 12 passengers standing committee. Served as the medical editor, deputy editor of three passengers, the Standing Committee of editorial board, editorial board 71 times.
The hospital has always been to train high-quality, high standard, high-level professionals as the goal, rigorous teaching and educating people, Beijing’s health-care institutions for many years supplied a large number of high-quality medical professionals.
In June 2002, the Beijing Municipal Women’s Health Center, Beijing Children’s Health Center, Beijing municipal family planning guidance which merged to form the Beijing Maternal and Child Health Hospital, located in the new Hospital of Eastern Hospital District, and Beijing Maternity Hospital leadership vested in a hospital management. Commitment to the city’s 18 districts and counties the hospital women’s health, child health and family planning technical guidance and quality control work in the lead in carrying out sub-health care, neonatal screening, etc., to promote the development of the city to make an important contribution to the cause of maternal and child health .
Articles by generations of women and children of people with unwavering faith, hard work style, tenacious spirit, youth, ideals, and passion to write the history of the Beijing Maternity Hospital. Now, in the development of new hospital construction journey, the entire staff adhere to the people-oriented, patient-centered in order to safeguard the health of women and children, responsibility, and comprehensively improve the quality of health care service concept, inheritance forge ahead in unity, pioneering and innovative scientific concept of development , to revitalize the capital of the glorious cause of maternal and child health, in order to strive for the domestic first-class, internationally renowned modern hospital and work hard.

The new hospital contact

The new hospital switchboard: 86-010-85,976,699; Consultation Hotline: 96,209,616;
New School Address: No. 251, Chaoyang District, Yao Jiayuan Road, (opposite the Chaoyang Sports Center) East Third Ring Road of about 500 meters east Changhong Qiao (Beijing Painting Academy South)
Getting There: 31 Road, Chaoyang Sports Center off
43,302,412,731,734,705,750,117,831,834 Tuanjiehu get off to go south
Special 3, special 8,707 Road, go east and get off baijiazhuang
Road, go west and get off Tianshuiyuan 722,754

Elderly Home Contact Us

Old House Switchboard: 86-010-65,250,731;
Child Health Advisory Tel: 96,209,688
Old School Address: River House Street, Dongcheng District, No. 17 ride
Getting There: 2-way, 8-way, 60 way off maternity hospital
101,103,109 Road tram, get off at the crossroads 814,819,846 road vehicle beach about 500 meters south of Po, see the first traffic lights turn right you are there.

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